All our cats live in the home not in chalets. Those that do not mix have their own rooms and access to a separate area of the garden.

 Our garden is surrounded by a cat proof fence. This means that all our cats that are able can get out and enjoy being outside.

‚ÄčComplicated Cats

Our cats are here for as many reasons as there are cats! We have cats with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). We have cats with physical disabilities,  FIV+ cats who were wrongly  considered to be  un-homable. Many of our cats were just frightened and this made them seem aggressive or  antisocial.  All of our cats are treated as individuals each given what they require to have a happy life.

 This is the website for our

small independent cat sanctuary. We care for a mix of felines. Some with special needs and some that just couldn't cope in regular homes.

Life with our cat family takes 24/7 dedication. It can be financially and emotionally draining. They are worth it.