We are currently at our limit for the amount of cats that we can care for. If you are looking for a home for a special needs cat please do not give up.  We can help with advice only at this time. Overcrowding is stressful and we must consider the existing cats in our care. We are located in Gloucestershire  UK.

Complicated Cats.

Our Story.

 We have been providing a safe caring home for very special cats since the early 90's. It happened by accident as many good things do.

The cats in our care have a range of special needs and requirements. Some are shy and anxious or grumpy. Some need a lot of daily hands on care.

​ We have cats who are FIV+. Some that have Cerebellar Hypoplaisa, mild and severe. Also cats with other challenges such as blindness or disabled limbs.

We have to keep the number in our care to around 30 at anyone time. If we do not do this it is very hard to cope with all their needs. If we have a demanding cat then we will not take in anymore until things get easier.

 With care and protection our cats live long happy lives with us.