We have been caring for cats with special needs or requirements since the early 90's. We didn't set out to  do it but it happened one cat at a time. We currently have 28 cats most of whom, it is safe to say would have been  killed if we had not offered them a home for life. We are very concerned about the treatment of cats who are vulnerable. Cats that are anxious or believed to be aggressive. FIV+ cats are frequently seen as sick, un-homeable cats...this a very outdated and incorrect belief. 

We help where we can but it is only a drop in he ocean. Too many cats are being born. This means that those that are complicated in some way stand very little chance of getting the life that they should have.

Our cats come to us in many different ways. 

We are asked by vets and rescues to take cats who are often under a real threat of being euthanized. I wish we cold save them all.  Using social media we hope to educate, encourage and support  others who wish to 

take on a cat  with special requirements.

We are currently at our limit for the amount of cats that we can care for. If you are looking for a home for a special needs cat please do not give up.  We can help with advice only at this time. Overcrowding is stressful and we must consider the existing cats in our care.   

We are located in Gloucestershire  UK.

​What we do...