This is the link for our calendars for 2019 this is the link for our 2019 calendars.

The easiest way to contact us is via Facebook.

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Ways to help with the care of our felines.

We are not a registered charity. We have always been self funding. We do not do a large amount of fundraising but are very grateful any help supporters wish to give.  

All proceeds from any funds raised go 100% to the care of out cats.  We are a not for profit sanctuary,

You can help us by choosing Complicated cats as you  cause  on Easyfundraising.

Here is our easyfundraising link.
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All the items on our amazon wish list  are for the cats or to help with keeping their environment clean and healthy. 

For the true facts about FIV+ cats please visit  It ha lots of excellent information. FIV should not be a death sentence.

​Sue x

​Useful information.

Thank you for taking the time to  visit our website.  You can follow the day to day lives of our special cats on Facebook .

Every cat has the right to  live their life.  Please consider welcoming a special cat into your life. There are 1,000's out there waiting to start a new life.